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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

City Paintings

Series of paintings, 8x2', divided into 16 1x1 quandrants. Huge project, one of those ridiculously complex ideas.

Essentially each painting would depict a street in the Melbourne CBD..

So, one painting would be "Flinders Street", another would be "Collins Street", another would be "Bourke Street". Each street is exactly 8 blocks long, so each block would map to a 1 foot long section in the painting.

The painting would depict a street level view, with the street running horizontally down the middle of the painting, the north side of the street sitting rightside up vertically on the upper half, and the south side of the street upside down on the lower half.

It would have a very flattened perspective.

Once I finish all the CBD streets, I may then tackle gertrude street and smith street. Who knows, Maybe Colfax is next.

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