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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another dream I had

It was another school regret dream, with a few massive Dalek invasions thrown in. (my my, the panicky crowds of people scrambling to get away!) But it had a couple decent ideas for paintings.

Choose a book, paint a fictional landscape based on that book. But paint it flat first, just flat colors as the sketch.- Then paint it onto an image of a book, such that it appears like the landscape is extending out of the book- 3 dimensionally. Kind of like a pop up book. The process is to copy the flat sketch onto the book first- and then project the dimensional extension out of that.

The other project was kind of strange- It had to do with fictional pop culture characters placed twice across a cloudscape. (Alphred E. Newman, The Simpsons) One pose is large enough to see facial expressions, the other small enough to see body pose. The challenge is to compose it all into a single painting.

I'm not quite sure what the educational purpose of either of these projects were meant to be, but for some reason I felt quite guilty about not being able to do them properly. We'll see about that.

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