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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Web School Awesome: Lesson 2

Web School Awesome: Phoenix Edition

Hey kiddies, here's another round of punishment from your good friend, Breton "Insano Smartypants" Slivka. I'm gonna lay it all out for yah.

In excercise 1, I showed you how to create a basic html file, and open it in a browser to see the results. I showed you 5 types of html tag. In this lesson, the goal is to fully mark up a page of text. I will show you how to create:

  • Subheadings

  • paragraphs

  • lists

  • hyperlinks

  • anchor links

  • images

  • special characters.

  • bolding and italicizing text.

In order to accomplish that, I've got a starting point- a page about a band called the nips. I'm providing two files, one called thenips1.html and another called thenips2.html. This goal of this lesson is to step by step, modify thenips1.html until it's just like thenips2.html, and all along the way, observe the effects that our changes have on the way our page looks in the browser.

The first step is to properly set up a workspace.

  1. in your web school awesome folder, create a new folder named "Lesson 1"

  2. Linked from this blog post are a number of files. You're going to need them all. Save them in a convenient folder.

  3. Print out "lesson2.txt" so you can follow along. The lesson continues in that file.

  4. Arrange your text editor to occupy one half of your screen, and your favorite web browser to occupy the other half.

  5. Follow the instructions in the previous lesson for saving out an html file, and for opening in a browser.

  6. When you make a change in the original file, simply SAVE the change, and press the refresh button in your browser to see the results

the files:


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