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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is not what you think it is.

The two sat together awkwardly. The memory of what happened sat ajar between them. He thought that he should stroke her hand to comfort her but he stopped himself once he realized his palms were sweating profusely. Her brow was tense, and her knees tightly clamped. "this isn't how it is in stories", she thought.

For the past 3 weeks she watched him longingly. She admired from a distance the graceful way he walked, his calming smile, the sense of gentle warmth he projected. She frequently imagined what it must be like to be embraced by him. She would never see love the same way again.

He nervously looked out the window. Hoping for a blissful end to this moment, he considered jumping out. Unfortunately, the window was stuck fast. He was recalled to what his heart felt; like a frightened sparrow beating against the glass of his chest.

Since the day she arrived on campus, he was enamoured. Her beauty was both captivating and intimidating. His excruciatingly gentle and repressed nature meant he would never feel comfortable approaching her. If he were to so much as say “hello”, he would make himself feel as though he were causing some terrible kind of violence upon the poor girl. If he were to even think of her lustfully, he would never forgive himself. Now, everything would be different.

The smell of sticky skin permeated the air. The weather was uncomfortably warm and humid. She unwillingly leaned into him as the bus turned. “how long until my stop?” she thought.

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