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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cultural Matrix: C.A. 2005

Cultural partical simulation

Each individual is populated with a collection of multidimensional memes. The position and color of each meme is stored in an individual's mind, which is in turn presented as an object in a 2 dimensional plane.

The goal of this is to abstract a meme into a simplified object with a position and color in a person's mind, giving color and contour to an individual's mind.

The more contact an individual has with other individuals, the more their memescape comes to resemble that of its peers, often taking on new memes, and new territories are opened in their individual memescape.

This comes with neccesary improvisational algorithms which enable each individual to assimilate sections of memescape into their own cultural matrix.

An individual will feel most comfortable communicating with peers with similar memescapes, and gravitate towards memescapes which they have found to be compatible with their own. However, depending on certain attitudes encoded in their cultural matrix, may gravitate toward diversely appearing individuals, or conversely toward similarly appearing individuals. This may also depend on the size and color of their memescape.

The effect of mass encultration on various groups may have interesting effects as well.

The overarching goal of this simulation is to produce an interesting and complex visual presentation which enables one to more simply and visually think about these complex abstract concepts.

The precise parameters of the simulation still require much development, but overal may produce an interesting emergent behavior.

Each meme consists of a multidimensional point (the number of dimensions being adjustable, as long as it is equal or more to 2) , a color (consisting of a 3 dimensional position in a color space such as L*a*b), and a directional vector of dimensions matching that of each meme's position. A meme's vector would consist of the averaged directions of a set of peer memes selected according to a process in which an adjustable threshold is used to identify similarly colored memes. Therefore a meme would gravitate toward memes of similar color.

The peer memes selected in the aforementioned process would be connected, in addition to unarticulated rules to produce the cultural matrix

Cultural matrix:

A cultural matrix is composed of a collection of memes interconnected according to a set of rules which allows for random and intuitive improvisation. This matrix would be processed in such a way to be capable of producing a visually representable landscape. Additional rules may be made to evaluate one matrix's similarity to another's.

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