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I'm just someone struggling against my own inertia to be creative. My current favorite book is "Oh the places you'll go" by Dr. Seuss

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Haunting

One time I had an idea. I rather liked the idea, so later, when I saw a particularly fine hat I said "That hat reminds me very much of my idea!" I brought the hat home and put it on a shelf. Then some very strange happenings came upon my house. It was small things at first, but it happened more and more. A pen would go missing. Some paint would have chipped off the wall. I began to see a small grey ghostly child out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was my imagination. The mournful small grey child, staring at me, wearing a hat.

It would appear since that day I brought the hat home, a small child had grown from under the hat, carrying with him all the same weight of responsibilities of a real physical child. Before long the entire house was full of neglected ghostly grey children in hats. "Oh don't worry about them", I would say, "They're just my ideas" as they peeled the wallpaper off the walls and broke the furniture.


Unknown said...

Here's an alternative that will gross you out: perhaps the grey children are your ungerminated offspring that you feel you could have with the right relationship.

Or the idea of hats is how people describe their roles on the job. You might be wearing many hats, but because you haven't found your life's work yet, they are grey and juvenile, unformed. And too many, they bug you with their magnitude and unfinished nature.

But I like your explanation, it is quite motivating. If you were an artist, you might try painting them.

Anonymous said...

I drown all of my ideas at birth.