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Monday, February 7, 2011

Zion is just another system of control

It seems to me that humans are compelled to live their lives according to some kind of narrative. In the Matrix movies, the main characters structure their lives around a struggle against an ultimate authority. Zion is created by the AI to satisfy that desire.

Many people choose the bible as a narrative to live their lives to. Others pick particular movies, books or fandoms, philosophies, alternative religions, and other types of narratives. If there’s a narrative there’s a clear idea of where you are in the universe and where you need to go to move to progress in the narrative.

Because of the 95%, 4%, 1% rule, (that is, 95% of people are lurkers, 4% are commenters and 1% are creators) 99% of people will tend towards attempting to adopt someone else’s narrative as their own. 4% of them will boost and spread some narrative by talking about it a lot. 1% will probably feel like outcasts most of their lives. But these ones are the true leaders.

Because everything is a remix, there are no true original ideas, Absolutely everyone is in this sense “guilty” of “intellectual property theft”, just by living day to day. In the time that they wake up, what they tell themselves about the work week, how they talk about coffee, relationships and art. It’s all wholesale copies, again and again.

It seems strange to me, (and indeed it is quite a new idea) for some of the %5 percent to try and own that, to own the narrative, charge money for it, and call people things like “Pirates” and “Theives” just for living their lives, in the absolutely natural way that people have always lived for thousands of years.

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