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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Am I web 2.0 now?

Okay so I have a blog now. perhaps unlike the thousands of other people who also have blogs, I don't expect anyone to read this. (But if you are reading this, I'm deeply sorry.) Why did I start this blog? Because I have too many ideas in my head to keep track of. I don't have enough time to implement all of them, but I also don't want my ideas to pass silently into oblivion either. I have tried windows notepad files. I've tried mac stickies. I've tried livejournaling. I've tried physical notebooks, and the running thread is that I have too many systems for recording ideas, and my head is busting at the seams.

Who am I? Who is anyone? How is a person defined? Is a person the sum of their experiences? Is a person the resume of things they have accomplished, the list of jobs they've held? Is a person a composite of the thoughts and opinions they hold? Is it the unique matrix which defines how a person responds to perceptual events, their personality? I am barely a person by any of these standards, but I exist anyway, so I may as well make the best of it, until I die or something kills me. I am just a person who has ideas.

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