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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bouncy Pixelly Creature

This makes me happy.
Pixels make me happy.

Thus, I wanna make a bouncy pixely creature person thing, made from good ol fashioned homegrown pixels, CSS sprites, and javascript. But the road would not be easy going.

Step #1.

Design, using pencils, the creature that I want to create

Step #2.

Break the thing down into seperate individual movable body parts, that can be animated

Step #3.

Model the parts in 3D and render from all angles that will be visible, 360 degrees around, above and below at some reasonable interval, (say, 8*8?)

Step #4.

Trace over the renders to give the parts some hand drawn pixelly juice.

Step #5.

create dom elements for each body part.
create javascript routines to move a body part to any arbitrary on screen coordinate, and switch the frame to any arbitrary frame in its body party category.

Step #6.

Create springs for each limb

Step #7.

Figure out how ventrella did the upright stance for his creatures. Creatures need balance!

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